How can you stay on top of the fund raising content you need to know about as a fund raiser?

Digital Business

Are you having a hardtime keeping up with the latest in fund raising trends and content? It can happen easily. You can’t read everything. There are some great blogs out there. If you subscribe to the RSS feeds and use a news reader, it can help you see the articles you want to know more about. I use Netvibes as my news reader. There are others out there.

While there are many very well-known speakers and writers who boast tens of thousands of daily readers and followers, we wanted to highlight some lesser-known hidden gems – as well as some long-established publishers – that may change the way you think about and perform your job.

Here are the top fundraising blogs (in no particular order) you should be reading in 2016 and beyond:

Source: 64 Fundraising Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2016

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